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Vigrx Plus ResultThe average erect penis circumference is between 4.49 and 4.97 inches and the average erect penis length is between 5.1 and 5.9 inches. Penises begin to grow during puberty and they reach their maximum size around age 18. Many men are concerned that they might have a small penis but usually this is just untrue. However, if you are dissatisfied with your penis size you need to be aware that women seem to enjoy the average size because intercourse can get painful if it’s too long or too large. There are many other qualities women look for in a man and penis size is not on the top of their priorities list, as we might wrongly believe. Personality traits such as a good sense of humor and honesty are much more appreciated than physical appearances. Women also know that men who are well endowed tend to be selfish and they put less effort in pleasing their partner. Men with smaller packages are known to be more attentive to their partner and her pleasure zones and they are better lovers.

There are several Penis enlargement techniques available on the market. Medication usually works only over long term treatments. Pills for erectile dysfunctions such as Cialis and Viagra can only provide a short term solution. Despite their marketing, creams and penis pumps usually don’t work. The most effective method for penis enlargement is surgery, but that’s expensive and painful and can have as side effect loosing local sensitivity. Penis enlargement surgery should be only considered as a last resort solution.

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You can make your penis look larger by trimming your pubic hair short and keeping your stomach fat at minimum. That will allow your member to stand out and look bigger.
You can have a satisfactory sexual life and you can very well satisfy your partner even with a small penis. Size doesn’t have so much influence on how powerful your woman’s orgasm is. Most women do not orgasm from vaginal intercourse but from clitoral stimulation. Spend as much time stimulating her clitoris prior to intercourse as she can handle. You can do that via manual stimulation or oral stimulation. You might even give her at least one orgasm prior to penetration. This will alleviate any performance anxiety issues you might have.

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Sex is more than just penetration and women particularly enjoy foreplay. If you have s smaller penis you can take advantage of this by creating long foreplay sessions that will make your partner fully aroused. If she is closer to orgasm at the start of penetration it will be easier for her to achieve climax even if you have a small penis.

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