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There are several different penis enlargement techniques available in Dubai. Each technique has pros and cons. Some penis enlargement techniques are impractical or can even be dangerous. Others techniques require expensive equipment you must purchase and wear for long periods of time. Vigrx plus in dubayy, Here is some information about different penis enlargement techniques you should know:

Surgery: At first glance this may seem the easiest of penis enlargement techniques but you must consider these facts. Any wound to tissue causes trauma, scar tissue and nerve damage even when from a surgeons knife. Do you want to risk these effects on your most treasured body part? How are you going to explain those scars on your penis?

After the lengthening surgery, where the suspensory ligament is severed, patients are required to use some type of weight hanging system for up to 6 months! You could use weights without the operation and get results. There is also an extended healing time and periodic fat injection touch ups. These surgeries also cost thousands of dollars. Vigrx plus in dubayy,

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Pills: You will get the biggest, hardest erections of your life from taking these pills! However, it's difficult to actually grow beyond beyond your current maximum erection size without some type of penis enlargement exercise that physically forces more blood into the penis tissues. Combined together, high quality penis enlarging pills and penis exercises work fast and give explosive results.

Jelq/Penis Exercises: Properly performed penis exercises are highly effective and safe for penis enlargement. These techniques increase penis size by enlarging the penis chambers to accept more blood and by lengthening the penis ligaments. Best of all there's no equipment hassles and workout routines takes as little as 15 minutes! A great choice for penis enlargement, especially combined with penis pills.

Hanging Weights: Weights are an effective penis enlargement technique for length gains and they may increase girth (they will not decrease your girth). The problem is that when you move up to heavier weights they can be dangerous due to their tendency to cut off blood flow to the head of the penis. Read more about weight hanging and safety before you try it.

Pumps: this penis enlargement technique can be fun in the bedroom and they do have legitimate medical uses for impotency sufferers. But as a serious penis enlargement technique you must understand what you are getting.

After the penis fills with blood in the tube by vacuum force, pumping mainly enlarges by drawing cell fluid into the skin and penis tissue. That's why guys overdoing it get that strange rubbery look. If you over pump loss of erection and serious injury could result. The gains are temporary as the fluids drain back into the body and swelling goes down, usually within a few hours.

Used conservatively with low pressure the pump can be a useful penis enlargement technique for extra girth enlargement. But you will have to continue pumping 2 or 3 times a week to keep it.

Extenders: Penis extenders work great for length and have a lot of clinical research studies backing their effectiveness. Length increases can be huge. The one downside is the device has a lot of wear time for the big gains. That can take a lot of patience! And they are visible underneath anything but very loose pants so privacy may be a consideration (don't ever wear this or any other type of device while you sleep, you must be alert for any problems). Be sure to use only the clinically tested extension rod type extenders for best results.

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