Penis Enlargement Exercise

Penis Enlargement Exercise | Natural Male Enhancement Exercise

A long and strong penis is like an asset to a male. A bigger and larger penis helps a man to fully satisfy his partner and helps him to lead a happy life. Penis Enlargement Exercises are the most natural and safest method to enlarge the penis .These exercises was used in past days to enlarge their organ.

These Penis Enhancement Exercises are the most natural method and deliver the best results to you. If you don’t have a larger penis, use these exercises and definitely you will be benefited. These exercises are very popular and the most important thing about them is that they are inexpensive. It is the best option for men looking to increase their size without cost and side effects. Those men who have done regular exercise have observed larger penis size and better erection.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are different Types of Penis Enlargement Exercises and different exercises produce different results. The basic rule of these exercises is to improve the blood circulation and volume of blood in penis. The principle is that if the erectile tissues are encouraged to hold the large volume of blood than it can this will provide large penis size and required erection. Buy there are also some natural male enahcement pills are available in market and one of the famous product is Vigrx Plus Pills , the best penis enlargement pills for increasing the penis size more bigger or stronger.

Following are the different exercises –

Power Stretch

  • Bring the head of your penis in your hand and extend it in front of you . Hold it for 4-5 seconds.
  • Bring the penis in your hand and pull it in the right until you feel a pressure at the left of the penis. Hold it for 4-5 seconds.
  • Bring the head of the penis in your hand and extend it in the left. Hold it there for 4-5 seconds.
  • Now pull the penis downwards and hold it there for 4-5 seconds.
  • In the last, pull the penis in upward direction .Also hold it there for 4-5 seconds.
  • Repeat step 1 to step
  • Repeat step 1 to step
  • Repeat these steps for 15 times or for 5 minutes.

V stretch

  • With your hand hold the head of penis with your right hand.
  • Stretch the penis to its full and hold it there for 5 seconds.
  • With your left hand’s thumb apply pressure at the base of penis.
  • Move your thumb slowly down the penis, continue apply pressure until it reaches the head of penis .This should be done only for 10 seconds.
  • Move your thumb back at the base of penis for not more than 10 min.
  • Repeat step 1 to 5 for 12 times or 5 minutes.

Exercise for enhancing the Girth

To have a pleasing intercourse, most women think that girth is more important than length. Exercises are most important for men who want to have a bigger organ .To improve the girth of the penis; one of the important exercises is penis milking. This exercise enforces blood in all the areas of the erectile tissues and hence increases the girth. This exercise is easy and simple to perform. It depends in applying the milking motion along the length of the semi erect penile shaft. To perform the exercise you should use your thumb and forefinger to encircle the base of penis .To maintain the erection and blood supply a firm grip is required. Maintaining the pressure, slide forward along the length of the shaft and force as much blood as possible in all areas of erectile tissue.

Other exercises to improve the girth are as follows-

Ultimate Jelq

  • Do massage your penis until it reaches 60-80% erection.
  • With your thumb and index finger make an “OK” sign in your right hand and tightly grip around the base of the your penis.
  • Starting from the base of penis, pull or milk against the penis head. It will take 2-3 sec to reach the glans.
  • When you come to the head of penis, make a similar “ok” sign with your left hand and start milking as you did with your right hand.
  • Repeat step 2 to 4 .Do the milking motion with alternate both hands by touching every part of penis except the very top part.
  • Perform the exercise for 15 minutes or 100 strokes.

Weight Hanging

How to Increase Penis Size ? One of the oldest methods to increase the size of penis is to hang weights at the tip of the penis in a repeated manner. There is no scientific reason behind it . The only principle which is based is the tensile force and body’s ability to adapt and change under such influence.

Hanging weights may result in increase the length but do not guarantee the increase in thickness. Also the one disadvantage associated with the hanging weights is that they can leave stretch marks, lesions and decreased sensation.

Increase the health of penis

As the body health is important, penis health is also very important. Following are some tips to get healthy penis –

  • Take complete sleep to get more energy for work and sex. If you are not full energetic then your ability to perform well will be decreased.
  • Take healthy diet which is low in fat to get the necessary vitamins. Healthy food will make your penis healthy.
  • Do exercise regularly this will improve the blood flow and keeps the heart healthy which ultimately keeps penis healthy.
  • Do not smoke as it will result in reduced size of penis.
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