Breast Enlargement Exercise

Breast Enlargement Exercise | Breast Enhancement Lotions

There ares some Breast Enlargement Exercise and natural supplements or pills are available for womens. Now these days mens likes the bigger and firmer breasts rather than smaller breasts size. The Total Curve are the best Breast Enlargement Cream for females, the cream have been designed for women to enhance their breast size. It is one of the natural and safest methods to enhance the breasts.

Breast Enlargement Exercise

Breast Enlargement Exercise

There are different types of sources such as internet which provide different types of exercises for free. These exercises appear easy but they require full dedication and commitment.

In this world if you have bigger and firmer breasts then this world is more meaningful to you. But if you have smaller breast then this world could be less meaningful to you. It is best for women having smaller breast to go for regular exercises and increase the size of their breast.

Some of the exercises used by women to develop their breast size are –

1.Common Push ups- In doing push ups, palms should be kept on the floor and knees must touch each other .This exercise tones the chest muscle and also provides the right amount of pressure to it.

2. Side Swerves- In this exercise, women should sit upright on the chair and place her arms at the hips and keeping her spine as straight as possible. Now turn to left as possible. Hold yourself at the far left for few seconds now, reverse your position to the far right .This helps in toning the underarms and sides of the breast.

3. The kneeling dip- In this, women kneels herself on the floor with her knees apart from each other. Then lower yourself so that the head comes in the region between thighs. The exertion must be felt over the breasts. This is good for front development of the breast.


If you perform the exercise in wrong way, then this may result in harmful consequences. Exercise should be stopped if any type of pain is felt.

Female Enhancement Pills | Cream | Lotions

Many women across the globe are affected by low sex drive and sexual dysfunction. This may be regarded as one of the reason for divorce among the couples. In this state, the best alternative for a woman is to take Female Sexual Enhancement Creams and lotions to recover the desired pleasure. There are some Female Enhancement Pills or Supplements are available in market for females.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Breast Enlargement Pills

The libido is defined as the primal sexual urge that exists in both men and women. However, due to various factors, women tend to experience a decrease in sexual appetite at some point in their lives. Although a fulfilling and healthy relationship with your partner is always the most natural way to improve your sex drive, you may also benefit a boost on your libido by employing the following methods:

Exercise – Research has found a direct correlation between regular physical exercise and increased sexual potency. Cardiovascular exercises such as yoga, power walking, jogging or cycling increase circulation to the genitals, and as a result, rekindle sexual arousal and orgasmic function.

Use stress management techniques – One of the causes of low female libido is stress. In women, sexual satisfaction is achieved primarily by psychological stimulation, as opposed to men who can be easily aroused by physical means. Taking a warm bath before intercourse is one effective way to relax your mind and body. The use of aromatherapy is also highly effective in reducing stress levels.

Popular scents known to increase sexual desire are ylang ylang, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, chamomile, vetiver, myrrh, cinnamon, black pepper, and cedarwood.

Eat a healthy diet –
A diet high in vegetables, protein, and whole or organic foods reduce stress levels and boosts energy, which later on translates to a healthy sex life and increased libido. There are also some foods that are believed to have “aphrodisiac effects”.

Here is a list of the most common food items known to increase libido:

  • Aniseed – Sucking on the seeds is said to increases your desire.
  • Asparagus – Given its phallic shape, boiled or steamed asparagus spears provides a sensuous experience.
  • Almond – The aroma is thought to induce passion in women.
  • Avocado – This delicious fruit has a sensuous texture.
  • Bananas – Aside from its phallic shape, bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, which play a role in sex hormone production.
  • Basil (sweet basil) – It is said to produce a general sense of well being for body and mind, reducing stress and stimulating the sex drive.
  • Carrots – The phallic shape of carrots has been associated with stimulation.
  • Coffee – Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that energizes both the body and the mind in preparation for sexual activity.
  • Fennel – A source of natural plant estrogens.
  • Figs – An open fig is thought to emulate the female sex organs and traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant.  A man breaking open a fig and eating it in front of his lover is a powerful erotic act.
  • Garlic – The ‘heat’ in garlic is said to stir sexual desires.
  • Ginger – Ginger root raw, cooked or crystallized is a stimulant to the circulatory system. As more blood flows to your genital area, sexual pleasure heightens.
  • Licorice – Chewing on bits of licorice root is said to enhance love and lust.
  • Mustard – Believed to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire.
  • Oysters – Oysters resemble the female genitals, making it a popular aphrodisiac.
  • Raspberries and strawberries – Perfect foods for hand feeding your lover. Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as “fruit nipples”.
  • Truffles – The musky scent is said to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.
  • Vanilla – The scent and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase lust.
  • Wine – Wine relaxes and helps to stimulate the senses.